Every band knows this problem: You really want to play a concert somewhere, but there is just no possibility. On the one hand the locations are too expensive for the small bands, on the other hand there aren't enough people who come to the concerts, and no location wants to have an empty house. It doesn't matter how much you want to play, unfortunately there is no way you could. And this is where the DARKNIGHT-Festival is made for.

We want to give you the possibility to play concerts. We want to make it possible that the smaller but not less talented bands from Munich find a way to play, find new fans and make themselves better known. We want to give you a platform where you can play und where you can experience, how the Munich Heavy Metal scene likes your music.

What is the DARKNIGHT-Festival?

The DARKNIGHT-Festival is an unsalaried organised series of concert, finding its yearly ending in a Main Event, the "DARKest Night". Aim is to give the younger musicians and bands a way to play and make themselves well known. When there are questions about recording some songs, or if there are any other questions, we like to help you. A part of the entry fee of our concerts is given to the bands, the other part is for paying the stuff we always have to pay, e.g. the location, helping hands, promotion, catering and all the other things. We never keep money for us, because we only organise DARKNIGHT because we like what we do and we want to help the talented musicians.

Where is the DARKNIGHT-Festival located?

DARKNIGHT-Festival is located at Munich and its suburbs. Our pre-events are located in youth centres and smaller locations near of Munich.

The "DARKest Night", our Main Event is located in a bigger location at Munich.

Any information about our crew, and the tasks we have, can be read here.

THe history of DARKNIGHT, including the beginning can be read here .


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