All informations about our concerts, the participating bands, ourselves and our sponsoring partners await you on our website.

If you want to know, which bands will show up this year, or which bands played in past concerts, you can figure this out in the category Bands. There you can find all participating Bands and all the bands of the past concerts. The links and the informations about the bands can be found there too.

You want to know more about the DARKNIGHT-Festival? No Problem! In the category About the DARK you can find out everything about us, who we are, what we do and our aim.

If you want to contact us, if you want to send us a application or if there is anything you want us to know, then you can do this with our contact form.

All our tour-dates can be found at our homepage in the category Dates. There you also find the next dates of concerts, the participating bands and all the infomations for the concerts. You can find all the informations to the past concerts there as well.

The links to our other pages, for example to our Facebook-page or to our page at BackstagePro can be found at Links. The webpages of our partners and our sponsors are there as well.

Of course we have photos of our concerts. All photos, sorted by their date, are available at Pics for you to see. Videos of our concerts and of the DARKNIGHT-Festival are shown in the category Videos. If there are other media you might be interested in, you can find it at Other Stuff.

Tickets for our next concerts can be bought here.

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